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SurveySavvy Website

What is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is a website that connects users to various companies that pay users to provide feedback & share their opinions via surveys.

Basic Q&A

Is SurvySavvy A Legitimate Survey Site?

Yes, SurveySavvy Is a legitimate survey site. I’ve done many surveys from them, and have been paid every time with no problems.

What Is The Age Requirement To Join SurveySavvy?

I believe you have to be 14 years of age, some sources say 13.

Do You Get To Test Out Products With SurveySavvy?

Yes, I have tested out plenty of products from them. They don’t come very often, but they do offer eligible users the opportunity to be sent products to test and review.

What Are The Payment Options For SurveySavvy?

At the moment the only payment option is a check.

What Is The Minimum Amount On SurvySavvy That You Need To Be Able To Request Payment?

$1 is the minimum amount you need to be able to request payment.

My Experience

I’ve been using SurveySavvy for around 4 years now. They are in my opinion, and from personal experience, a survey site that I would recommend everyone to try. I don’t recall having any major issues with them, but there are pros & cons when it comes to this site. However, nothing that will make you feel like signing up will be a waste of time.

What I love about SurveySavvy is the minimum amount you’re eligible to cash out, which is $1. Now, that’s crazy low compared to many survey sites I’ve tried, including my favorite survey sites that have a higher threshold to be able to request payment. I would also like to add that they’re pretty generous with surveys they send out (via email), and the amount they’ll compensate you for qualifying & completing each survey.

Now, something I wasn’t so fond of was the long mailing period. It took around 8-12 weeks for my checks to be delivered to my address every time I requested payment. Unfortunately, there are no other payment options at the time & no faster alternatives. So, there’s always a risk of your check being misplaced. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened and I received my checks with no problem every time.

Also, I don’t really like the fact that they don’t have a payment history like other survey sites, so you can keep track of what you earned & have the option to view your past payments.

What is SavvyConnect?

SavvyConnect uses safe, cutting-edge technology to collect data as you surf the web. While we find trends in online search, shopping, entertainment and other applications, you earn cash rewards.

I have yet to try SavvyConnect and don’t believe I will be doing so. Why? The experiences I’ve heard from others were more negative than positive. One comes from a close friend that installed the app & ended up uninstalling it minutes later, due to the app causing her phone to work painfully slow. Luckily, this isn’t mandatory so trying this program yourself is completely up to you.

Do I Recommend SurveySavvy?

Yes, I do recommend everyone to try Survey Savvy. The minimum amount to request payment is crazy low, so trying it out wouldn’t hurt. One or two surveys will allow you to be able to cash out. So, you have nothing to lose if you decide the survey site isn’t for you, and you’re not wasting time accumulating enough money to cash out like other survey websites with high cashout minimum balances.

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