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Sample Box from SampleSource

What is SampleSource?

SampleSource is a website that allows users to try free products. The sample site’s reason for sending out unique samples from various companies is to ultimately help people make smarter shopping decisions.”

Basic Q&A

Is SampleSource Legit?

Yes, this is a legitimate free sample website.

How Does SampleSource Work?

After registering to their website, you then have to fill out your profile info so they can be able to match your info with the samples that are currently available. You will have the choice to pick whatever products that are available at the time that you would like to try. They then ship your products to your address, completely free of charge!

Is SampleSource Available Outside Of The U.S?

Yes, they’re also available in Canada.

How Often Can You Recieve Samples? 

SampleSource usually has samples available for their users in the Spring, Summer, and Fall but not in the Winter. So, you’ll only receive samples a couple of times a year.

What Type Of Samples Are There?

They have all types of samples; makeup, beauty care products, household cleaning products, health products, food products, and sometimes other great offers.

How Long Does It Take For The Samples To Arrive?

It should take no longer than 4-6 weeks for your order to be delivered. You’re able to check the status of your order once your package has been shipped out.

My Experience With SampleSource

As I stated previously, samples are available a few times a year. So, I’ve only received a handful of samples from them, which isn’t a complaint.

Once you are notified that samples are available, you go to SampleSource, pick out the samples you want, and boom you’re done! They ship out a nice box that has your samples inside. Keep in mind that it’s first come first served. So, keep an eye out during Spring, Summer, and Fall for notifications regarding the availability of the samples.

Do I Recommend SampleSource?

Yes, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t. You’re given free samples here & there just to help you make better shopping decisions. Not only will you receive free samples but also coupons & other great deals, all for FREE!

Here’s a Sample Box I received from SampleSource Recently!

SampleSource Sample Box
My Sample Box From SampleSource

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