Rich & Savory Coffee Flavors & Brands You Need To Try!

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Calling all coffee lovers!

person performing coffee art
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Today, I’ll be introducing you to rich and savory coffee flavors from a variety of brands that will invigorate your mornings. Get ready to discover new and delightful flavors to fill your favorite coffee mug. Enjoy!

1.) Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Are you a lover of bold, smooth, and dark coffee? Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee is beckoning you! Currently, I’m enjoying this product. The allure of the name ‘Black Silk’, coupled with the promise of dark roast, was irresistible. As for the taste:

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee is notably smooth and rich, boasting an inviting and bold flavor. The taste is strong but thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, it fills my house with a charming cafe-like aroma, which I personally adore. Anticipating my next cup is a delight! You can find Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee on Amazon, as well as other retailers such as Walmart & Target. Here’s the Amazon link

2.) Waka Coffee

Are you fond of instant coffee? You might want to explore the Waka Coffee website. Their instant coffee offers both convenience and deliciousness. They proudly state: “Waka Coffee tastes like a slow drip coffee, minus all the hassle of making it. It is made of 100% Arabica beans, freeze-dried to preserve the original beans’ taste and aroma.”

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3.) Koa Coffee

Featured in Forbes “Top 10 Coffees of the World”, Koa Coffee prides itself on producing premium Hawaiian Coffee – hand-picked, expertly roasted, and delivered straight from Hawaii to your door.

Decaf Kona Coffee
Private Reserve Kona Coffee
Peaberry Kona Coffee
Maui Mokka Coffee
Kona Natural 100% Kona Coffee Naturally Processed
Estate Kona Coffee

4.) Dunkin’ Cinnamania Flavored Ground Coffee

Fancy cinnamon rolls? If so, you’ll adore the Dunkin’ Cinnamania Ground Coffee.

A few years back, I sampled their cinnamon roll ground coffee. It turns out, cinnamon roll and Cinnamania are one and the same. As far as I remember, the cinnamon roll-flavored coffee sample was delicious and truly tasted like a cinnamon roll.

Here’s a link to purchase Dunkin’ Cinnamania Flavored Ground Coffee on Amazon. They also offer a range of other flavors, which I will list and link below. *Clickable Images*

5.) Javy Coffee

If you follow my Pinterest, you might have come across my iced coffee recipe pins featuring the delectable and easy-to-make Javy Coffee. It’s simply the best iced coffee I’ve ever made, and my family concurs. The process was quick and straightforward, thanks to Javy Coffee.

All you need is ice, milk (or water), and two teaspoons of Javy Coffee (Microdose – Liquid Coffee Concentrate). Stir and enjoy! Feel free to add extras like creamer & whipped cream as I did. Here are the 2 iced coffee (recipe) Pinterest pins featuring Javy Coffee:

6.) Spirit Animal Coffee

Looking for specialty-grade coffee beans at a reasonable price? If you’re on the hunt for a healthy yet savory coffee option, consider the diverse range of coffee flavors Spirit Animal Coffee has to offer.

Here are a few that might pique your interest:

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee has a smooth and rich flavor that’s quite bold. It’s strong but still pleasant to taste. Also, its aroma adds a nice touch, making my home smell a bit like a coffee shop. I always look forward to having another cup.

  1. Folgers
  2. Waka Coffee
  3. Koa Coffee
  4. Dunkin’
  5. Javy Coffee
  6. Spirit Animal Coffee
  • 1.) Cinnamania: This flavor combines the delightful taste of cinnamon with a rich coffee base, bringing to mind the warm and comforting experience of eating cinnamon rolls. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy a hint of spice in their coffee.
  • 2.) Caramel Me Crazy: As the name implies, this flavor is a must-try for caramel lovers. The smooth, sweet notes of caramel blended with Dunkin’s classic coffee creates a taste that’s both indulgent and addictive.
  • 3.) Chocoholic Pancake: This flavor is a delightful treat for chocolate lovers. It combines the rich, decadent flavor of chocolate with a hint of pancake, resulting in a coffee that’s sweet, indulgent, and perfect for those who love a hint of breakfast in their cup.
  • 4.) Turtle Love: This is an intriguing flavor that combines the nutty, caramel taste associated with turtle candies, creating a coffee that’s sweet, rich, and wonderfully satisfying. It’s a unique flavor that’s sure to delight those with a sweet tooth.