5 Inspiring Makeup Artists on Instagram That’ll Revamp Your Makeup Game!

Take Your Makeup Game to the Next Level with These 5 Instagram Makeup Artists!

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram, pinning stunning makeup looks that you aspire to recreate? Look no further than these incredibly talented makeup artists who are making waves on Instagram. From vibrant color palettes to mind-boggling optical illusions, these artists offer a variety of styles that will cater to every makeup enthusiast’s taste. Prepare to be awe-struck by these 5 Instagram makeup artists who are truly pushing the boundaries of creativity.

1.) @salty.simmone – Immerse Yourself in a World of Color

Immerse yourself in a world of color with @salty.simmone. Her Instagram page is a burst of vibrant shades that showcases her unique style. With over 86k followers, her artistry doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are a few makeup looks that showcase her lively and colorful approach:

2.) @naezrahlooks – Amazing Makeup Transformations

Prepare to be amazed by @naezrahlooks and her incredible makeup transformations. One moment she’s recreating beloved characters like “Other” Wybie Lovat from Coraline, the next, she’s embodying Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Her chameleon-like abilities have garnered her over 227k followers. Get ready to have your mind blown by her transformation into Jack Skellington:

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  • Coraline - The "other" Wybie Lovat

3.) @cakefacerj – Fascinating Optical Illusion Makeup

If you’re intrigued by optical illusion makeup, @cakefacerj is the artist to follow. Her eye-catching, hyper-realistic looks will have you questioning reality. With over 440k followers, she’s making a significant impact on the makeup community. One of her standout looks is her ‘slice cake’ illusion:

4.) @iamkaylabeauty – Dazzling and Captivating Makeup Looks

@iamkaylabeauty offers a plethora of dazzling, shimmery, and colorful makeup looks that are nothing short of captivating. It’s no wonder she has amassed over 89k followers. But it was her transformation into Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog that first caught our attention. Check out her magical transformation:

5.) @makeup_toyz – Sparkle and Jewels – Simply a Look!

For those who appreciate a touch of sparkle, @makeup_toyz is your go-to. Her Instagram features dramatic, colorful makeup looks often complemented with face jewels that make her artistry pop even more. With over 60k followers, her unique approach to makeup is gaining recognition. Here are some of our favorite looks from her:

There you have it – five makeup artists whose Instagram pages are brimming with inspiration. Whether you’re a makeup lover looking for fresh ideas, or simply appreciate the art of transformation, these artists are worth your follow. Dive in and let their creativity spark your own #makeupinspiration.