The Top 5 Websites for Scoring Free Products: Become a Product Tester Today!

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Discover Exciting Opportunities to Test and Keep Free Products

Do you love trying new products? Do you want to get paid to do it? If so, then you should check out these 5 websites that will send you free products to test and keep.

1.) Earn Rewards and Test Products in Various (Product) Categories on Click Research

Click Research is a website that allows you to test products in all product categories, including; 
Cosmetics & Toiletries, Skincare, Clothing, Food & Drink, & many more. You can earn rewards for completing each survey you complete and also earn “Clicks points” which you can redeem for gift cards.

2.) Get Free Products in Exchange For Your Honest Reviews on Home Tester Club

HomeTesterClub is a product testing website where users are given free products in exchange for their opinion (review). HomeTesterClub typically sends out multiple product testing notifications to users so they can find out who qualifies for that specific product. Users can increase their chances of being selected to test more products by earning “Home Tester Club Points” from leaving reviews for products, completing surveys, uploading photos and videos of tested products, etc. 

3.) Share Your Opinions and Receive Amazon Gift Codes and Free Products on ProductReportcard

ProductReportCard is a survey site that pays users (amazon gift codes and/or free products) for sharing their opinion by completing surveys on their website or via email. I added them to the list because they鈥檝e given me many opportunities to test products while also compensating me for my reviews on the products they鈥檝e sent me.

4.) Test Beauty, Makeup, Skin, and Hair Products With Loreal Consumer Testing Loreal Consumer Testing 

Interested in testing products that are beauty, makeup, skin, & hair-related? Then I highly suggest that you check out Loreal Consumer Testing. They are currently recruiting men and women (18 years and older) to evaluate products. They have on-site testing as well as an at-home testing option (depending on your location). If selected, the product(s) will be mailed to the address you provided, and you will have to fill out an online questionnaire.

5.) Review and Test Food, Beverages, and Snacks With McCormick Consumer Testing McCormick Consumer Testing 

If you鈥檙e interested in reviewing and testing out food, beverages & snacks, then you should check out McCormick Consumer Testing. Not only do you get to receive free food, but they鈥檒l also reward you. 

How to Get Started As a Product Tester

To get started with any of these websites, you will need to create an account and fill out a profile. Once you have created an account, you will be able to sign up for product tests that match your interests.

Become a Product Tester and Enjoy Free Products While Shaping The Future of Products

Becoming a product tester is a great way to get free products and share your thoughts with others. It is also a great way to get involved in the product development process and help shape the future of products.

  1. Be active on social media. Many companies use social media to recruit product testers.
  2. Sign up for email lists. Many companies send out email notifications when they are looking for product testers.
  3. Be honest and upfront in your reviews. Companies want to hear your honest opinions, so be sure to give them.
  4. Have fun! Product testing is a great way to get free products and have fun.
  1.  Click Research
  2.  Home Tester Club
  3.  ProductReportcard
  4. Loreal Consumer Testing
  5.  McCormick Consumer Testing