5 Easy Ways You Can Earn Money & Rewards Online 2023

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If you’re always connected to the internet, whether it’s on your laptop, computer, or mobile device, and you’re interested in learning ways to earn some extra cash and rewards easily, then this post is for you. Plus, this list requires no prior experience or specific skills. Here are five simple ways to earn money and rewards online in 2023.

Check out these 5-easy ways you can earn money & rewards online in 2023

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1.) Completing Surveys

Surveys are a popular way to earn money online or through your mobile device. It’s simple, convenient, and you can typically complete them wherever and whenever you want. However, identifying legitimate survey sites worth your time can sometimes be tricky. As someone who has tried various survey sites over the years, here are a few legit ones:

  • SurveySavvy – SurveySavvy is a website that connects users to various companies that pay users to provide feedback & share their opinions via surveys. Click here to be redirected to my blog post about my personal experience using SurveySavvy.
  • ProductReportCard – ProductReportCard is a survey site that rewards users for sharing their opinion by completing surveys on their website or via email. You’ll also have the opportunity to test out products shipped to you. Click here to be redirected to my blog post about my personal experience using ProductReportCard.
  • Click Research – Become a volunteer for Click Research so you can have the opportunity to test the various types of products they invite their users to do via email or on their website. You can also accumulate “Clicks points” … Click here to be redirected to my blog post where I talk a little about Click Research & similar sites.
  • Ipsos iSay – Ipsos iSay is a survey site that rewards its community of users with points for completing surveys. Users can redeem their points for gift cards, Paypal, etc.
  • Pinecone Research – Become a member of Pinecone Research and be able to test out & review products, complete online studies, and share your opinion in exchange for rewards.
  • Google Opinion Rewards – Google Opinion Rewards is stated to be a rewards-based program developed by Google – Earn rewards for completing surveys on their App for Android & iOS users.
  • LifePoints(Panel) – Earn “LifePoints” by doing surveys and accumulating enough to redeem them as e-gift cards, PayPal Credit, and other rewards. If you sign up now, they’ll give you 10 LifePoints to get a head start on your earnings.

2. Testing Out Mobile Games, Apps, and Websites

Did you know you could earn money by testing websites, mobile games, and apps? Depending on what you’re testing and the estimated duration, the pay can be quite decent. Here are some websites where you can apply to become a tester:

Test Out Mobile Games

  • PlaytestCloud – Get paid to play & provide feedback on Mobile Games sent out for testing.

Test Out Websites & Apps

  • Beta Testing – Get paid to test Android apps, websites, and technology products.
  • UserTesting – Apply to UserTesting and start sharing your views through tests you meet the criteria for and start helping brands improve their products and services.
  • TryMyUi – Test Websites to help improve usability with TryMyUi.
  • IntelliZoom – Get Paid to share your opinion & experience on products with IntelliZoom, the sourcing engine used by UserZoom. Participate and be paid for completing research studies.
  • TestingTime – Become a paid tester for TestingTime & test new products and services before they are released onto the market. Provide your feedback on websites and apps, new product ideas, and test video games and physical products.
  • Test IO – Join Test IO Freelance Testing Community & be paid to test web and mobile apps. 

3.) Completing Tasks & Micro-Jobs

You can also earn money by completing micro-jobs and tasks online. Again, no experience is required. Here are some platforms where you can find these types of jobs:

  • Neevo DefinedCrowd – Help contribute to the improvement & development of Artificial Intelligence systems by doing tasks & micro-jobs like tagging, collection, classification tasks, etc.
  • Appen Contributor – Make a little bit of extra side money with Appen Contributor, a pay-per-tasks platform where you can do micro jobs and simple tasks and be compensated for doing so.
  • Lionbridge Task Contributor – Apply to become a task contributor for Lionbridge & contribute towards evaluating websites and products over time and making internet search relevant and interesting for all end-users in the United States. As a Lionbridge Task Contributor, your job will be to evaluate online search results and improve their content and quality while providing feedback on content found in new products and search engine results.

4.) Shopping Online & Taking Pics Of Store Receipts

In a previous blog post, “6 Cashback & Rewards Apps That Will Save You Money 2023“, I shared six apps that can help you save money and earn rewards, some as simple as snapping a picture of your receipt. If you haven’t seen that post, I’ll mention them here in addition to another way you can earn money and rewards just by shopping online:

Cashback & Rewards Apps

  1. Shopkick
  2. Receipt Hog
  3. CoinOut
  4. TopCashback
  5. Fetch Rewards
  6. ReceiptPal

Browser Extensions

  • Honey – Earn cashback and find deals at some of your favorite online stores. Instead of searching for coupon codes, Honey will find them for you instantly!
  • Capital One Shopping Tool – No, you do not need a Capital One account to use this free browser tool. The Capital One Shopping Tool rewards users and helps find the best coupons and deals when shopping online.  
  • Rakuten – Get cashback, coupons, and promo codes when shopping with your favorite brands using Rakuten. Join now and receive a $10 welcome bonus added to your account.

5.) Become a Moderator

If you’re interested in making social media platforms more enjoyable and safer for users by moderating and eliminating toxic or dangerous comments, then becoming a Moderator could be a perfect fit for you. Consider signing up with Respondology, a platform where you can work towards creating a safer online environment. Your role can significantly impact the digital world by fostering positive interactions and deterring harmful behavior.

What is Respondology?

  • Respondology is a comment management company. You will work as a “Responder” to eliminate negative or toxic comments on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their goal? To help make social media a better place & more positive for all users.
  • A Responder’s job is to hide or block any toxic or negative comments. Respondology helps brands, athletes, influencers, and celebrities cleanse the hate in their social comment streams and engage more with their audience.

How much is the pay?

  • Responders earn $0.005 (or half a cent) for each comment processed. Payments are sent out on a weekly basis through Stripe.

Quick Heads Up:

  • This is an independent contractor position (U.S. residents only).
  • They are not hiring in the following states: AL, CA, CO, CT, MI, NY, OH, TN, VA, and WA.

Steps To Become A Responder:

  • Go to the “Become a Responder” Page, scroll down & fill in the form.
  • Shortly afterward, you’ll receive a message stating they’ve received your form. The email will also provide a link to the Respondology program, a product & onboarding overview, exam notes & instructions.
  • After completing the exam & qualification questions, they’ll decide rather or not you’re a good fit to join.
  • If you are, you’ll then receive a “welcome aboard” email, guidelines, info on payment & schedule, a glimpse of the app you will be downloading & using for work & finally your login credentials. You can then start working!

Online opportunities are abundant and varied. Whether you choose to complete surveys, test apps, and websites, take on micro-jobs, earn rewards from shopping, or even moderate social platforms, there’s something for everyone. Explore your options and start earning today!

1.) Surveys – Engaging with surveys is an effortless way to earn money online and on your mobile devices. It offers convenience and simplicity, making it a popular choice for many.

2.) Testing Out Mobile Games, Apps, & The Web – It might come as a surprise, but yes, you can get paid to test out websites, mobile games, and various apps. Depending on the product and the time required, the compensation can be substantial.

3.) Completing Tasks & Micro-Jobs – Earning money through micro-jobs and online tasks is another viable option. These tasks are typically simple, require no prior experience, and can be done at your own pace.

4.) Shopping Online & Taking Pictures of Store Receipts – In a previous blog post, I discussed “6 Money-Saving Cashback & Rewards Apps You Need in 2023.” Here, I highlighted apps that reward you for shopping online and taking pictures of your store receipts.

5.) Become a Moderator – If you’re interested in contributing to safer, more enjoyable social media platforms by moderating and removing toxic or dangerous comments, then consider becoming a Moderator.