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What is ProductReportCard?

ProductReportCard is a survey site that rewards users for sharing their opinion by completing surveys on their website or via email. You’ll also have the opportunity to test out products shipped to you. 

Basic Q&A

Is ProductReportCard A Legitimate Site?

Yes, ProductReportCard is a legitimate survey site. I’ve done plenty of surveys from them, and I was compensated every time without a problem.

What Is The Age Requirement To Join ProductReportCard?

At least 16 years of age.

Do You Recieve Free Products From ProductReportCard?

Yes, ProductReportCard does give eligible users the opportunity to be shipped products to test out and review.

What Are The Payment Options For ProductReportCard?

An Amazon Gift code is the only payment option currently.

My Experience

I’ve been a member of ProductReportCard for a while, since 2017. Out of all the other survey sites, ProductReportCard has to be my favorite, but when I first started using the survey site, it took me a while to accumulate the required amount to cash out ($25), at first. Why? I wasn’t eligible or fit the criteria for most surveys. Luckily, the surveys that I qualified for and was compensated for came along a little after I was able to (finally) cash out for the first time. I’m not 100% sure why, but I started receiving invites to more interesting and fun survey (studies) opportunities, which also had bigger & better pay.

I would also like to add that ProductReportCard gave its users the option to choose Paypal or a check to be mailed to you as payment at one point, but now the only payment option is an Amazon Gift Code. I wasn’t a big fan of that change and stopped doing surveys from them as often.

Now, I participated in all sorts of surveys from ProductReportCard. For instance, I’ve done at-home product testing, paid research studies, interactive online surveys, etc. Those are the surveys that pay VERY well. But, the typical surveys do not pay much ($1 or less).

Quick Tip!

Make sure you complete your profile, all of it. It’ll increase the chances of getting and qualifying for surveys. 

ProductReportCard Profiles Page

Do I Recommend ProductReportCard?

Yes, I do recommend ProductReportCard. My experience with ProductReportCard has been great! I’ve been a member of their website for a while, and consider them to be one of my favorite survey sites compared to the many others I’ve tried. They have so many unique surveys that you can be invited to that compensates very nicely in exchange for your opinion & time.

Here’s (Part Of) My Payment History

My ProductReportCard Payment History

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